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lortone arbors instructions & parts lists

Lortone arbors instructions & parts lists 6& 8in. Units
Models BA62--BA64--BA82--BA84-- ideal for lapidary & glass work. Lortone arbors are used for grinding and polishing. Their widely spaced wheel centers are easy to use and can accommodate a variety of grinding/polishing wheels and drums.We use a studay welded steel frame coated with a high quality powder-coat finish for durability and smooth running rubber mounted bearings for quiet operation. Tapped shaft ends make installing spin on polish heads simple. Requires the use of an overhead drip or pump fed coolant system. MOTOR AND WHEELS ARE NOT INCLUDED.
Item: 11872 Price: 0.00
setting up your machine
Check the parts list to make sure all parts are included.if any parts are missing please contact your dealer or the factory immediately. Note: Unit does not come with a drive motor.It may be purchased separately. Fasten the rubber feet to the bottom corners of the machine and under the motor mount.Place unit on a clean sturdy work table.
Item: 11873 Price: 0.00

Lortone Arbors

Our sturdy, durable BEAVER arbors are ideal starter units and can be equiped as complete cabachon machines. Two wheel or four wheel--comes with motor mount--- models are available in both 6" and 8" diameters. We use rubber mounted bearings to ensure quit operation. The hinged top cover makes changing wheels easier.The 3/4" threaded shafts accept silicon carbide or diamond wheels, rubber expandable drums, and polish heads at each end. Choose a combination of accessories for the type of work you perform. Includes 2 1/2" x 1/2" motor pulley. WHEELS AND MOTOR ARE NOT INCLUDED. BEAVER arbors require either an overhead water system (# 075-97 ) or an underwheel water fountain ( # 075-96 ) or a direct water source. Includes motor mount. DISCONTINUED WHEN GONE. STAINLESS STEEL TO REPLACE THESE UNITS. call for price

Model BA62 # 035-90 Shipping wt. 20 lbs.
Holds two wheels up to 6" diameter---HAS BUILT IN MOTOR MOUNT 3 units left then discontinued
Item: 5091 Price: 438.00  

Model BA 64 # 036-90 Shipping wt. 32 lbs.
Holds four wheels up to 6" diameter--HAS BUILT IN MOTOR MOUNT DISCONTINUED
Item: 5092 Price: 490.00  

Model BA 82 # 037-90 Shipping wt. 32 lbs.
Item: 5093 Price: 465.00  

Model BA 84 # 038-90 Shipping wt. 37 lbs.
Holds up to four wheels up to 8" diameter---HAS BUILT IN MOTOR MOUNT
Item: 5094 Price: 510.00  

#300-22--1/3 H.P. 1725 R.P.M. Motor

1,2 in. Shaft--110 V. 60 hz with Cord & Switch & -pulley-&belt Please specify pulley & belt size when ordering.

Item: 2402 Price: 229.50  

Two station closed ball bearing Arbor

Arbor comes with nuts, 3" drive pulley, V-belt and two sets of 3" diameter flanges. Split housing, with closed front, locks together using two bolts. Each bearing is set on shaft with two set screws. Arbor can be disassembled and reassembled in minutes.

TSA- 402- with 1in. x 18in. shaft
Item: 9503 Price: 295.00  

TSA 404--with 3/4in. x 18 in. shaft.
Item: 9504 Price: 295.00  

Two station open arbor

Arbor comes with nuts, 3" drive pulley, V-belt and two sets of 3" diameter flanges. Split housing with open center, locks together using two bolts. Each bearing is set on shaft with two set screws.

TSA412--With 1in. x 23 3/4 in. shaft
Item: 9505 Price: 275.00  

CAS158----------2in. arbor shim
This 10 5/8"L x 5"W x 2"H. Arbor shim will raise the No. 412 arbor 2"
Item: 9506 Price: 35.00  

AR5055--Four-Station Open Arbor

Four Station Open Arbor With No. 158 Aluminum Shim ( 10 5/8in.Lg.. x 5 in. W x 2in. H ) (Shim raises arbor 2") Build your own multi-purpose machine. No spacers needed. Arbor will take large and small wheels, expando drum, tapered spindle, aluminum disc head and cone wheel; each individually secured to the shaft. To reverse the rotation of the shaft, turn arbor 180 degrees-the back side can be the front. Clam-type housing permits quick wheel guard, tanks and water systems you need and make the machine complete. Arbor comes with nuts, 3" drive pulley, V-belt and four sets of 3" diameter flanges, Shaft includes 1/2" 20 X 1" long studs on each end. Two alternate sets of 2" diameter x 1/2" flanges are included. Each wheel is individually secured by one flange with set screws and floating flange with nut. 1" diameter shaft in center, outboard 5/8"

Item: 1786 Price: 395.00  
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