What are your hours?

We are open 10am–6pm Monday-Friday except on holidays.  Our weekend hours vary with the seasons, but we are currently open on Saturdays 11am–4pm and closed on Sundays.

Why don't you sell lapidary supplies on this website anymore?

Due to technical difficulties as our previous site design became outdated, and because of issues with shipping costs, we are currently selling lapidary supplies on eBay as bernieslapidary2013 instead of on this website.  We may return to selling lapidary supplies on this website in the future, but for now please refer to our eBay listings or place an order by phone at (507) 282-3233.

Why do you have two websites?

Our business is expanding!  We decided to split our growing jewelry business and our traditional lapidary supply business between two websites to allow for more growth.  Jewelry, mountings, findings, diamonds, and gemstones can now be found on Bernie's Jewelry.  Tools, equipment, supplies, other jewelry-making needs, and hobbyists' gear will be on eBay (as soon as we finish listing our many, many items) from bernieslapidary2013.  We also take phone orders at (507) 282-3233.